Immunity Booster


These cold-pressed juices will flush out toxins and boost your immunity.



Nature has many solutions and secrets to help us build and maintain natural immunity.

At NColdPressed we have packaged multiple juices to be consumed over a period of time to help us build the immunity.

These 9 juices consumed throughout the month will keep your immune system strong while ensuring that you do not get bored with the same flavour every day.  Each of the juice is made with care and is a mix of fruits, vegetables and herbs giving you rich taste and nourishment.

What this plan contains

Juices included in the Immunity Booster Subscription

1. Immunity – 250 ml

2. ABC – 250 ml

3. Koko cool – 250 ml

4. Heart beet – 250 ml

5. Clarity – 250 ml


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