Diabetes Care


These cold-pressed juices will help you manage your diabetes.



If you are suffering from diabetes you are used to eating food that is bland and sometimes tasteless. Why should you miss out on the joys of life?

Diabetes care package from NColdPressed is your right choice. It is a solution right from nature. Tasty, healthy and natural. Each of these juices will help you keep your sugar levels down while giving you the pleasure of tasty liquids.

Subscribe to Diabetes Care package. We deliver you 5 juices over a period of one month. Each juice is made with best of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients  and made with care to provide you help in your battle with diabetes.

What this plan contains

Juices included in the Diabetes Care Subscription

1. Immunity – 250 ml

2. Koko cool – 250 ml

3. Clarity – 250 ml

4. Cocomint – 250 ml

5. Calmative – 250 ml



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