Meal Replacement


These cold-pressed juices will help you lose weight.



Go natural and go tasty in your effort to shed excess weight

Fruit juices are an ideal way to regain fitness without depriving the body of food and nourishment.

Meal Replacement package from NColdPressed is a thoughtfully curated set of 5 juice which you can consume over a period of one month. These juices are a replacement of your daily diet, which help keep you nourished and energized.

Meal Replacement plan is a set of 5 juices which are consumed over a period of one month. Balancing taste and variety, these juices give you one the best solution to meet your weight loss objectives.

What this plan contains

Juices included in the Meal Replacement Subscription

1. Caught out – 400 ml

2. Fuel up – 400 ml

3. Magic Bullet – 400 ml

4. Lean Machine – 250ml

5. Propack – 400 ml


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