Kids Plan


These cold-pressed juices will provide an overall nourishment to your child.



Kids resist fruits, vegetables and herbs in their daily diet. This deprives the kids of valuable nourishment and they are prone to seasonal illnesses.

At NColdPressed we have put together a special package for kids that is natural, tasty, healthy and equally good fun to consume. Sugar free and preservatives free, this promotes a healthy diet habits and aids in their growth and health.

Subscribe to Kids package. We will deliver a variety of juices that help in improving his vision, fight seasonal illnesses, build natural immunity etc.

What this plan contains

Juices included in the Kids subscription

1. Pineapple – 25 0ml

2. Clarity – 250 ml

3. Osteon – 250 ml

4. Immunity – 250 ml

5. Taper – 250 ml


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