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Best of nature, bottled for your health & happiness

Coldpressed juices are the closest you can get to taste real fruits. We have combined them with vegetables and herbs to add healthy benefits to you.

Weight loss, improved vision, blood pressure, stress…we have the perfect formula to bring you joy in life. Sip these thoughtfully blended drinks to enhance, rejuvenate and lead a healthy, happy life.

What are cold-pressed juices?

Cold-pressed juice is extracted using hydraulic press whereas other juices use centrifugal and other process. Ncolpressed juices are made with 100% fruits and vegetables without any other ingredients.

Healthy juice – naturally

Ncoldpressed juices are healthier than traditional juices. These juices retain vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants than other juices. Also, these juices are not exposed to heat during the juicing process.

Best from nature

Good juices come from good source. Our fruits and vegetables are grown organically and are pesticide free. Each fruit and vegetable are checked for quality and consistency to ensure only the best is used to extract the best juice for you.

No sugar, no preservatives

We only bring out the best from fruits and vegetables to serve your tastes. No sugar, no preservatives are added. 100% natural juices made to the highest quality standards.

FSSAI Certified

Our juices are produced meeting all the standards and criteria laid down by FSSAI. Ncoldpressed juices are FSSAI certified assuring you of high-quality product.

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