Maternity Care


These cold-pressed juices are your best friends during pregnancy.



Pregnancy is the most health-conscious time. Growing baby and mother need right nourishment.

Pregnancy Care package from NColdPressed is a great choice to keep you nourished in a tasty way. Juices extracted from the finest quality fruits, vegetables and herbs keeps you refreshed, energised and nourished throughout your pregnancy.

Subscribe to Pregnancy Care package. We deliver you 9 juices over a period of one month. These juices will help you reduce blood pressure, boost haemoglobin, washes of excess acid and much more.

What this plan contains

Juices included in the Maternity Care Subscription

1.  Heart beet – 250 ml

2.  ABC – 250 ml

3. Comfort – 250 ml

4. Protect- 250 ml

5. Lean machine- 250 ml


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